Engineering Services

ATCorp's Systems Engineering and Software Development division specializes in specification, development, integration, and evaluation of high-performance, network-centric, safety-critical computing systems for the military and air traffic sectors. ATCorp provides engineering services in the following areas:

The System Engineering and Software Development (SE&SD) Division applies advanced engineering techniques and methodologies from the fields of systems engineering, enterprise architecture, software engineering, software design, network design, system and network management, fault tolerance, and performance engineering to meet our customer's demands for high-performance, high-reliability, real-time systems.

ATCorp developed the Enterprise Architecture, Safety Risk Management documents, Procurement Specification and related documents for the FAA's Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement Phase 3 Program. We continue to provide the system engineering and enterprise architecture support to the FAA's Terminal Service Unit.

ATCorp developed, installed, tested the FAA's Final Approach Runway Occupancy Signal (FAROS) at the City of Long Beach and Dallas/Fort Worth airports. Results of both operational evaluations were very positive. Operational evaluation continues at Long Beach. In addition, ATCorp is supporting the Runway Status Program and the Low-cost Ground Surveillance System programs

ATCorp created the FAA's RMA Handbook, FAA-HDBK-006A, under contract to the Air Traffic Organization's System Engineering organization. Currently undergoing a revision to align it with the agency's Enterprise Architecture, the document has been instrumental in providing a common rationale to the FAA's specification of RMA

Under contract to the Boeing Corporation ATCorp developed the communications code generator, a key component for the System of Systems Common Operating Environment, for the Army's Brigade Combat Team – Modernization program, formerly known as the Future Combat System

As the list above illustrates, ATCorp SE&SD is product focused. Our goal is to produce technology relevant, pragmatic products that further the state-of-the-art while meeting our client's needs

ATCorp developed, installed, tested and currently oversees the operational evaluation of the FAA's Final Approach Runway Occupancy Signal, a runway safety technology designed to reduce air traffic accidents.

By rotating our staff between assignments in R&D and SE&SD, our personnel stay current with the latest technologies while retaining domain expertise and sensitivity to real-world issues. This combination of perspectives sets ATCorp apart.

ATCorp has performed a variety of SE&SD assignments, including:

  • Technical monitoring of the Local Network and System, Network Monitoring, and Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability functions of the FAA's Advanced Automation system
  • System engineering, software architecture leadership, and software metrics of United Defense Limited Partnership's (now BAE) Crusader program
  • Analysis of redundancy and diversity requirements in the En Route Air Traffic Control environment
  • Interoperability requirements analysis and engineering for the Boeing's Future Combat System (FCS)
  • Software development of communication code generation and infrastructure to support remote method invocation and publish/subscribe functions for a large network centric architecture
  • Software development of safety logic to control operation of runway status lights