Specialty Engineering

ATCorp has the broad and deep understanding of the National Airspace System (NAS) architecture and operation that can only come from providing over 25 years of support to the FAA, including: NAS system engineering; procurement support to the en route, terminal, and tower automation domains; and over fifteen years of development and evaluation of runway safety systems.

ATCorp developed the FAA's Handbook (FAA HDBK 006A) for Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RMA). Its purpose is to assist Service Unit System Engineers in developing requirements for new systems that meet the RMA requirements set out in the FAA's standards for system requirements (NAS-SR-1000).

Developing the handbook required us to familiarize ourselves with the unique attributes of several of the NAS functions and their respective organizations. For example, we worked with the Technical Operations organization to understand their functions and responsibilities and actually based our RMA process on a concept from their National Airspace Performance Reporting System (NAPRS). We also adapted our RMA processes to the unique requirements of the Navigation and Communication organizations and the Power Systems Organization and systems, a critical element in the RMA attributes of any high-reliability system.

Through this work and our work on the architecture of the NAS Infrastructure Management System, we have gained an understanding of the NAS Architecture itself.