Attack-Resistant Enterprise Networks (Fight Through Node)

A Fight Through Node (FTN) is a robust server that can continue operating even when compromised by a cyber attack. FTN is an intrusion-tolerant solution that is a drop-in replacement for existing critical servers on an enterprise network.  A network equipped with FTN will be able to provide essential services despite successful intrusions.

Despite the best security efforts, compromises of information systems continue to occur. For mission-critical resources, a server must be capable of continuing to provide critical services during an attack.

FTNs are resilient to attacks and operate reliably despite compromise. FTN mitigates the effects of a cyber attack, turning persistent attacks into transient attacks. This defense is independent of the attack vector and does not rely on inaccurate intrusion-detection systems. FTN neutralizes cyber attacks by isolating and discarding any changes made to the system by an attacker. This eliminates malware on the server, including memory-resident malware, and stops the rootkits and remote-access toolkits (RATs) used by APT and other advanced adversaries. FTN even prevents malware that exploits zero-day attacks. FTN further protects back-end data storage using rapid file system checkpointing and rollback.