Protection from USB-based Attacks (USB Sentry)

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) specification is a flexible standard that allows a wide range of peripheral devices to communicate with host computers.  Unfortunately, host computers have to implicitly trust the USB devices that attach to it.  This situation provides attackers with numerous attack vectors to steal data, spread malware, and control a host system.

USB Sentry protects host computers from a wide array of USB-based attacks ranging from physical-level electrical attacks to device emulation attacks where a USB device performs additional, unexpected functionality.  USB Sentry is a combination of a USB hardware device and host software that act in concert to protect a computer.  The USB Sentry hardware device is a configurable USB firewall that only allows explicitly approved devices to communicate with a host computer.

USB Sentry is 1-1/2" high, 4" wide and approximately 4" deep