Pedigree Management and Assessment Framework

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Modern defense strategy and execution is increasingly net-centric and distributed, allowing more information to be made available in a timely manner. In this environment, the commander or warfighter must distinguish decision-quality information from potentially inaccurate, or even conflicting, pieces of information collected from multiple sources.

PMAF enables the publisher of information to record standard provenance metadata (pedigree), such as the source, manner of collection, and the chain of modification of that information. In addition, the publisher can define and include other related information relevant to quality assessment, such as domain-specific information about sensor accuracy or organizational structure of agencies. PMAF stores this potentially enormous amount of information in a volume-efficient manner and presents the information to the user in an intuitive graphical format, together with PMAF-generated assessments that allow the user to quickly estimate information quality.

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What is Information Pedigree?

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