Trestle Hierarchical Analysis Framework

Complex cyber ecosystems such as cloud computing offer great benefits but can leave your organization open to very costly liabilities.

Trestle Test Record Dashboard Trestle™ is a hierarchical security modeling and analysis application that gives you the ability to

How Will Trestle Help You?

Pinpoint Problems Faster

Performs on-line tests to determine whether modeled vulnerabilities are actually present, then presents results in context so you can see their impact.

Discover New & Unknown Risks

Automates routine compliance testing to ensure new risks have not been introduced due to configuration changes by a cloud provider or due to newly-discovered software vulnerabilities.

Analyze More Thoroughly & Repeatably

Provides a structured, hierarchical framework for security models; no more reams of risk assessment text.

Improve Compliance

Uses a standards-based approach to extend host-based security analysis techniques to the cloud and large-scale systems.

Improve System Designs

Assists in assessing design tradeoffs.

Improve Analytics

Computes multiple tree-derived metrics, such as costs, impact, requirement analysis, or compliance.

Trestle Tree Model Editor

Need to systematically document system security arguments?
Need to create attack trees at large scales?
Need to automate your security controls compliance monitoring?
Need to see at a glance what the most severe risks are?

Trestle Features

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Trestle’s graphical and command-line tools run on Microsoft® Windows 7 and newer, Apple® Mac OS X® 10.8 and newer, RedHat® Enterprise Linux® (or compatible) 6.x and newer, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2, and Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS and 14.04 LTS.