Site Policies and Privacy Policy

Site Policies

Unless otherwise noted, all information on this site is copyrighted by Architecture Technology Corporation (ATCorp) and may not be re-used without explicit permission. Trademarked names, such as CYRIN® and USB Sentry™, may not be used without the explicit permission of ATCorp.

The use of other companies’ trademarks and names is not intended as an endorsement of any specific product.

Privacy Policy

Architecture Technology Corporation does not collect any personal information on this web site (unless you apply for a job with us), nor do we use personally-identifying data such as cookies. The Internet Protocol (IP) address your system uses to connect to our web site is logged solely for purposes of network and information security and to provide aggregate statistics such as visitors per country. If you wish to review or have us delete any data associated with your visit, please contact us at

We use the services of Google Analytics to understand how the site is being used in order to improve the user experience. Analytics data is used in aggregate and is not linked to any of your contact information. You can find out more about the privacy policies for Google Analytics at

Any personal information you supply to apply for a job with us will be used solely for the evaluation of your employment application and not for any other purpose. We partner with JazzHR to help process employment applications. Neither ATCorp nor JazzHR shares your data with any third parties. If you wish to review or have us delete any application-related personal information, contact your designated ATCorp HR representative or