Advanced Air Transportation Concepts

Architecture Technology Corporation helps our customers identify shortfalls in the current air transportation system, develop new concepts of operation, and evaluate new technologies to result in real, measurable improvements.

Demand analysis tool workflowWe have developed highly specialized system engineering tools and models to

Air traffic control datalink display

Since safety is of paramount importance, we’ve developed novel tools and repeatable methods to help ensure safety is an essential element of the solution as opposed to being a constraint on modernization. Using these tools, we analyzed the impact of the 2014 fire at the Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZAU). Our analysis included the impact of this major facility outage on controller workload and considered how the integrated air traffic control system responded to that outage over time.

Air traffic prior to the fire at ZAU
Air traffic prior to the fire at ZAU. Aircraft are color-coded to indicate which center has control of them.
Air traffic the day of the fire at ZAU
Air traffic the day of the fire. The oblong hexagon shapes represent airports.
Air traffic one week after the fire at ZAU
Air traffic one week after the fire. The loss of the center is still being felt and neighboring centers can only offer limited support.

These examples highlight the need for improved resiliency to allow neighboring facilities to take control of portions airspace to safely minimize the impact of outages on National Airspace System (NAS) users.

We’re excited to be an integral part of some of the most exciting advancements in the future of air transportation.