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Disrupted by a Virus, Cyber Security Shows Go Virtual Posted: July 29 2020

“Shockingly enough, I’ve never been to Defcon,” says longtime security researcher Ben Adida in a Wired article about the cancellation of the well-known event. “It’s never been a convenient time for me to travel. This might be the first year I attend. Remotely!” The pandemic has rendered things virtual that would have seemed impossible before... [read more]

Pandemics, Phishing, Remote Workers, and VPNs Posted: June 29 2020

Employees working from home and depending on third-party tools for day-to-day operations have rendered businesses and their networks more vulnerable to attacks. Cybercriminals are always adjusting their methodologies; they’re experts at exploiting any possible opening. And the current pandemic has only increased our exposure to cyberattacks... [read more]

Crisis, Cybersecurity, and Education Posted: May 27 2020

The pandemic is changing everything, and if you are involved with cybersecurity and education, this crisis will affect you directly in subtle and not so subtle ways. We took a look at two industries heavily impacted by current events: higher education and utilities. These two arenas highlight how technology is affected by changes wrought by the current crisis—and also how technology and cyber security are helping these two distinctly different communities navigate these challenging times... [read more]

Why Training Matters, or Why Cyber Training for Utilities is an Asset, not an Expense Posted: April 28 2020

There’s nothing like a pandemic to remind us of the importance of preparation—and the high costs that come with not being prepared. Human beings, corporations, the Utility Industry—we’re all vulnerable to anticipated attacks, but we’re also at risk due to attacks we cannot anticipate... [read more]

Leave the Lights On: Four Cyber Threats that should keep Utility Operators and Cyber Defenders up at Night Posted: March 18 2020

The modernization of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in the electric power industry will render the industry vulnerable to increased cyber security risks. The network of power plants and power lines that connect homes and businesses is among the world’s most critical infrastructures—and developments in technology have increased the utility’s “attack surface.” The once clear dividing lines between the grid’s physical systems and its technological systems have been blurred... [read more]

The Ever-Growing Cybersecurity Talent Gap—and How to Bridge It Posted: February 11 2020

Cyberattacks are growing in frequency and intensity. Every day there’s a new hack or breach reported in the news. We’re more connected than ever—and our devices are connected, too: refrigerators, cars, televisions, phones, doorbells, you name it. Plus, we continue to store increasing amounts of vulnerable and private information online, documents like medical records. In many ways, the electric grid is America’s first line of defense... [read more]

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